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Communication, Collaboration and Front Line Leadership with Safety Excellence


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What does a Fighter Pilot know about safety excellence? At Afterburner HSE, we believe our Fighter Pilots, Nuclear Aircraft Carrier Commanders & Navy SEALs possess a unique understanding. These elite military professionals understand how to leverage communication, collaboration and leadership to execute in the most demanding, high risk environments known to man. We want to share the tools and techniques that allowed them to survive, thrive and dominate with you, your team and your entire organization as you pursue a culture of safety excellence.

SEMS / Safety Management Program Development & Audit

featured-2 With our first-hand experience with API's RP 75, Afterburner's Oil & Gas safety excellence professionals bring an integral understanding of the scope and boundary of the requirements. More importantly, we can equip your team with the tools and techniques - PRE AUDIT - necessary to demonstrate compliance and conformity. Don't wait until an audit to determine where you stand, put safety excellence into your team's muscle memory today.

Afterburner Health, Safety Environment Management Training

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Do you want to effect change to improve your safety performance? Afterburner’s experts have trained and been tested in incredibly dynamic, challenging and sometimes hostile operational environments, possessing an unmatched level of experience. These men and women specialize in one thing and one thing only - accelerating performance through Flawless Executionsm. Flawless Execution’ssm core process – the PLAN, BRIEF, EXECUTE, DEBRIEF Cycle – is the "engine" that defines, aligns and assigns individual accountability to team and organizational goals. By implementing the Flawless Executionsm model, and adopting the safety and operational principles of elite military teams, organizations can quickly circumvent the root causes of errors, close execution gaps, and increase production and safety throughout their organization. Do you want to fundamentally change how your team operates together on day to day operations, improving safety, productivity, and eliminating execution gaps? Let us design a customized program of Afterburner’s keynotes, team building seminars and training programs to attain that objective. In our work with hundreds of organizations in the last two decades, we’ve proven these powerful strategies and tactics can be leveraged just as successfully by your team as they were by ours in achieving optimal performance. Let us show you how - call Afterburner today.

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